Webinar | Power of Data Insight for the New Life Insurer 28.01.2021

Power of Data Insight for The New Life Insurer 

The Covid-19 Crisis has been both a boon and a bane for insurance companies.
While it has helped establish the importance for insurance, the change in how people will work
is increasing the demands from business users for better, faster and more insightful data.

Data is one of the most valuable assets for insurers and while the rate at which it is
being generated and stored is very high, it is not being consumed at the same rate. Gone are
the days when a monthly or weekly report was good enough and considered ‘business intelligence’.
The need of the hour is to empower every employee with the ability to consume accurate data and
insights at the same rate at which it is generated, to make better and more relevant business decisions.

Unscrambl’s AI powered Conversational Analytics product qbo insights puts the business users in
the driver’s seat by enabling them with the ability to query their data and mine it for insights through
a simple and intuitive nlp-driven conversational interface. What’s more, users can also analyze their
data collaboratively, thereby making it more productive. Insurance business teams can collectively view
and discuss key metrics around policies and policyholders, and analyse the historical and future collections
and claims across multiple dimensions and parameters, all by asking questions to qbo in simple English language.

Join our 60-min Insurance Industry Web-Demo session to get a firsthand feel of how to make
the most out of your data without going through the troubles of requesting for it, waiting for it or processing
it manually. Experience the power of advanced analytics with Life-Insurance data without coding,
scripting or writing algorithms.